About Us

A womens’ online clothing brand born out of the love of fashion of two best friends, One Nation Clothing sells trend led pieces at affordable prices. We aim to make every girl feel good, reflect her own personality through her outfit and spread positivity.

One Nation Clothing was born back in 2013 when two best friends came together and decided they needed change in their lives. They didn’t want the 9-5 slog, the long commute to work or to make money for the big conglomerates anymore. They wanted freedom physically, mentally and creatively. They decided to take the plunge and quit the rat race.

Those two best friends are us - Alex & Gabriella.

Strangers, friends & family at times doubted if we could do it, told us to get real jobs, thought we'd have to take hand outs to start up. But with the little money we had saved from our jobs in fashion, and plenty of self-belief, we launched One Nation Clothing. We started small, worked long hours (& still do!) and ploughed everything we made back in to the business and a year later launched our .com site.

We still do everything ourselves - from processing orders, to meeting with suppliers and placing orders, to photography, modelling, website graphics, customer service, finances, advertising… the list goes on!

How do we make it work? We do what we love. We sell clothes we wear, and that reflect our different senses of style and personalities. We believe not only in our brand, but more importantly in ourselves and we aim to reflect that in our brand. We want girls to feel comfortable in their own skin, and project their personality through their own style. We want our generation of women to help us spread positivity, be confident and have enough self-belief to follow their dreams.

The best part of it all? We get to work with our best friend every day!